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SantaCloud Photo Time!

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Capturing and sharing special moments and memories is even more important at Christmas time! Escpeically if you are not able to be with your family and friends!

This very special opportunity is to send us a photo that you would like us to upload in to one of the following:

Key ring/ Fridge magnet



Glitter and Snow frame

They are so lovely for a keepsake and even children love to have them!

You can choose the photo or have a picture of our Santa Claus sent in anything you choose. All you have to do is the following;



to select your photo media option or call 0208 1333143 and the Elf Customer Services will put through your photo order and you will just need to email help@admiticket.com- lets start sharing some Christmas magical memories!

All photo media will be sent to the address you put in when selecting the media. The post is first class but we would advise up to 3 working days due to the busy Christmas season!


Photo Mount with 6 x 8 print- £7.00 (£1.50 postage)

Key Ring or Fridge Magnet- £6.00 (£1.50 postage)

Bauble- £10.00 (£3.95 postage)

Snowglobe- £12.50 

(£3.95 postage)

Glitter and Snow frame- £15.00 

(£3.95 postage)

Order your Christmas photo product here