Our Pricing...

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Christmas Photo Packages:

Upload your photo and choose your Christmas photo media


Photo Key Ring: £6.50

Photo Fridge Magnet: £6.50

Photo Bauble: £10.50

Photo Snowglobe: £12.50

Photo Glitter and Snow Blox: £15.00

SantaCloud Experiences:

Santa Live Video Call for One Household: £20.00

A live video call for a 10 minute experience with Santa Claus on Facetime, Skype or Zoom. Valid for one household only (adults and up to 6 children) 

Santa Live Video Call for additional Household: £10.00

This is a pass to join another household and have a joint video call with Santa Claus (adults up to 6 children) 

If you have more than 6 children, please call 0208 1333 143 to book additional time for your session.

Santa Pre-recorded video message: £15.00

This is a 10 minute experience with a pre-recorded video message from Santa Claus. This includes a magical Christmas story and a personalised message to the household/ children

Add to your experience:

Santa Personalised Letter: £5.50

Santa Plush Gift:

Reindeer: £12.00 (including postage)

Teddies: £12.00 (including postage)

Christmas Book: £6.49 (includes postage)