SantaCloud Live Video Call

In his beautiful, magically lit Grotto live lounge, Santa Claus is keeping safe but...

that doesn't stop him from wanting to see all of his favourite children and families.

If you cannot be with loved ones as you normally would be for a yearly Santa visit, they can join in too! The experience is to keep that special visit personal and... there is the magical gem of adding households to the same live video call so you can all be together with Santa!

How to book for our SantaCloud live video call;


or alternatively call 0208 1333 143 and Santa's Customer services will be able to assist your booking. Openings times listed are on the booking page.

All sessions are based on 10 minutes; to increase your time  you will be able to book an additional timeslot, or add another household ticket to join your experience.

 This is recommended for bigger group sessions.

For any additional details that you would like Santa Claus to include in the live lounge video call, please state on the website or ensure you relay the details to Customer services when booking your slot.