SantaCloud Pre-recorded Video Message

Santa Pre-record.jpg

 Father Christmas has learnt the technology for sending pre-recorded video messages! He will record your very own personalised video for you to receive and watch as many times as you wish up to Christmas time but also read a magical story for you to keep and watch over and over again!

With the help of his technical Elves, he will send you the pre-recorded video by email but remember to put all the details in per child as he wont want to forget any details and do not forget the most important thing of all.... remember to tell him what you all want for Christmas!



or call 0208 1333143 and the Elf Customer Services will help take your details for the pre-recorded message.

Openings times listed are on the booking page.

Pre-recorded messages are based on 10 minutes. 

Please state the date that you would like to receive your pre-recorded message and you will receive an email with your audio file attached.